Friday, September 8, 2017

"Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library" - a New Movie from NICK!


Movie: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Network: Nickelodeon (NICK)

Original Air Date: October 9, 2017 (at 7pm/6c.)

This Nickelodeon Original Movie is based upon the children’s book of the same name - Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library by author Chris Grabenstein.

image via: NICK / Entertainment Weekly

image via: NICK


Breanna Yde ... Akimi
Graham Verchere ... Curtis
Casey Simpson ... Kyle Keeley
Hannah Cheramy ... Rose
Devyn Dalton ... Gretel
Lisa MacFadden ... Mrs.Cameron
Jena Skodje ... Yasmeen
Russell Roberts ... Luigi Lemoncello
Ty Consiglio ... Chiltington
Kyle Mosonyi ... Crowd Member
Sean Campbell ... Dad
Cameron Andres ... Lil Luigi
Guy Christie ... Reporter
AJ Rivera ... Peckelman
Paul Barton ... Englishman
Ben Pronsky ... Werewolf (voice)
Katey Hoffman ... Dr. Zinchenko
Alexander Mandra ... Dracula
Klarke Pipkin ... Sierra
Breanna Watkins ... Wicked witch from the east
Samuel Braun ... Mike
Hayley Scherpenisse ... Haley
Maruti Gariki ... Cyrus
Lily Killam ... Bridgette
Ombu Ance ... Kayla
Anant Aneja ... Miguel


Storyline: The TV movie follows a group of friends whose overnight stay in a new high-tech library turns into a daring adventure of escape.

More via NICK: World-renowned gamemaker Luigi Lemoncello (Russell Roberts) has built his latest creation–a new state-of-the-art library filled with whimsical and eccentric rooms, where hardcover books fly kids to shelves in the sky, and massive doors open into fantastical worlds. Kyle Keeley, Lemoncello’s biggest fan, is chosen to be one of the first to experience the fun, along with his best friend Akimi, a bookworm named Sierra (Klarke Pipkin), a goofball named Andrew Peckleman (A.J. Luis Rivera Jr.), his rival Charles Chiltington (Ty Nicolas Consiglio), and others. The kids must use their wits to complete riddles and collect clues that lead them out of this unique playground of imagination. When excitement turns to jeopardy, this world of wonder begins to spiral out of control as literary characters run amok and chaos ensues. It’s up to the kids to make everything right again or else they won’t be the only ones escaping.

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  1. It sounds very entertaining for children.

  2. Looks cute, maybe!

  3. I enjoyed the first 2 books and I'm excited they're making it into a movie. It brought back so many library memories. Looking forward to having a movie night with the nieces and nephews.


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